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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING: Yard designs llc is an equal opportunity employer and selects applicants based upon different factors of job related qualifications that best fits the needs of our company regardless of race, religion, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or any other status or characteristics protected by law. I understand by signing below, that this application does not guarantee me a position with Yard Designs llc and furthermore, this application does not obligate Yard Designs llc to offer me a job, or hire me. In the processing of my application, an investigation may be conducted whereby information may be obtained from former employer and or background check. By signing below, I hereby grant permission to obtain any information deemed necessary by Yard Designs llc to arrive at an employment decision and hereby release this company, its officers, employees, representatives, or agents from any and all liability and / or damages if the company decides not to hire me after reviewing my application. In consideration of my employment, I agree to conform of the company policies and rules and regulations. I understand that my employment (and the terms and / or benefits provided or paid to me) is not intended and does not constitute, and must not be construed as a contractual relationship between my employer and myself. I also
understand that my employment is at-will basis, meaning that the company may terminate my employment at any time, for any reason, and with or without cause. Yard Designs llc reserves the right to discipline me either verbally or in writing, if the company determines that my behavior or conduct during the course of my employment warrants such disciplinary action. I also agree, and consent to a urine test whenever requested by the company to enforce it’s anti drug policy, refusal to do so is sufficient grounds for termination. I also attest that I am legally authorized to work in the United States I understand that, if hired, my employment will be terminated due to any omission misrepresentation, inaccuracies, or questionable documentation. If hired and during the course of my employment the company determines that my work quality is below company expectations, the company may demote me, or terminate my employment. I understand that, if hired, and I violate any of the provisions of this application or if I am absent from work within 30 days of start of employment, I am subject to reduction of pay to prevailing minimum wage as provided by US Department of Labor reflected in my final paycheck.